To Quote Pope Francis “This isn’t human”


Kids hanging out at a football match with their families
Lovers gazing into each others eyes
Friends dancing,singing,laughing together
and ….. This isn’t human
We, along with all other humans are in shock!
Our hearts bleed in unison.
Our prayers plead in unison

There are no words or feelings within human capacity
to comprehend such terrorist atrocities.
Paris, Beirut,Madrid, New York
These heinous acts are meant to terrify, and they do.
However, we have no choice, but to Stand, in Unison
Nation to Nation, Church to Church, Human to Human
We must stand for the obliteration of terrorism.
We must stand for the restoration of our capacity, as humans, to love each other

“Fear doesn’t shut you down, it wakes you up”
(Action Aid)
“Perfect love casts out all fear”
(The Holy Bible)


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