The Victory Dance!

There are times in life where the love of a sister or a friend really lifts you out of the “hole” you’re in.

The story I share here is one that will always remind me that Nothing is Greater than Love.

Love may be sweet and gentle or raw and tough, maybe even hilarious, but it all has the same root, and it always overcomes!

Nice to be able to share this with you all…

Joni Sledge

9 thoughts on “The Victory Dance!

  1. Hiya back! Steven ( smile ) The victory dance is simply giving God the praise and thanking Him for the victory in your life ahead of time. By faith , I already know the outcome of whatever I am going through ( even if not always immediate ) will ultimately be to my good because I am secure in the hands of the God of the Universe who loves me so much that He gave his life for me. He loves you the same way! I hope you will get to know Him too ( if you don’t already know Him )! His name is Jesus!
    John 3:16
    NIGTL, Debbie

  2. Hiya, Steven
    Yes, Deb is really, wild crazy fun and as sweet as pie!
    Love her much
    Try the Victory Dance, it is very freeing!

  3. Good Morning Deb, Joni and Kim,

    Love the blogsite, what a great way of sharing your many stories and intertwine them with your faith. I have been doing the same over the last several years on my blogsite, email sharing, FB links, Twitter feed and LinkedIn feed. I don’t get to see my River family very much anymore, but enjoy watching them and you through social media. You are welcome to use anything I have written, permissions are on my blogsite front page. So proud of you all and your string stand of faith.

    May God continue to richly bless you,

  4. We pray daily and Thank God…
    for ALL He has done
    for ALL He is doing and
    So glad for continued healing and favor in your family and other families because of your candidness. Love you all.

  5. Hi Debbie

    Actually just did a victory dance ‘in advance’ of all God is going to do on my behalf in 2016! It was a short one but I will revisit!
    What else can we do but give Him the glory and thank Jesus for all He has done for us.
    Hope to meet you in London someday soon.

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