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Earlier this fall I attended the #Fearless event held by the charity ActionAid UK in London. My sisters Debbie and Kim weren’t in the country with me but it’s been my privilege to report back to them since. I met some extraordinary women who had faced all the odds to overcome experiences of violence and sexual violence in deeply patriarchal cultures. It was profoundly humbling to hear how such women had transformed their shocking ordeals in to something positive to support others. I was honored to meet one such woman, Kenyan activist Wangu Kanja who, in the wake of a horrifying ordeal, suffered depression and addiction before finding the capacity to reclaim her dignity and start a foundation assisting women and girls in similarly desperate need.

In showing me so much love and spirit, I could never have imagined what Wangu had been through. Such inspiring resilience, born from the darkest of places. I also listened to the heart-breaking plight of Egyptian human rights activist Azza Soliman, currently standing on trial after witnessing the murder of a fellow activist by the police. UK TV presenter Charlie Webster passionately spoke of ending the shaming and blaming of rape victims. As a survivor of such abuse, she is tireless in her campaigning to educate young men about the nature of the crime.

Violence and sexual violence against women knows no borders. It is a worldwide problem and without exceptional organizations like ActionAid and pressure from government bodies, many of these fearless women would remain unaided. I was shocked to learn that one in five women will experience such violence and 60 million girls are sexually assaulted at or on their way to school. We must all strive to be better, more connected, more active in supporting and fighting for those whose shoes we would never choose to walk in. As sisters we stand with ActionAid and these fearless women and are urging leaders of the world, in particular the UK Prime Minister David Cameron to do the same. Together let’s help put an end to violence and sexual violence against women.

ActionAid will be campaigning in November as part of the 16 Days of Activism on Violence Against Women. Be the first to hear how you can get involved by signing up for their emails.


3 thoughts on “Sister Sledge Support Fearless Women with ActionAidUK

  1. There is nothing greater than Love
    There is nothing impossible with Love
    There is nothing we can do to cause change more effectively and efficiently than working in love and unity!

  2. I recently watched three documentaries called the” Honor Dairies , One Survivor Remembers, and Four Little Girls “. I highly
    recommend them.They were excellent and extremely enlightening.
    They were also heart shattering,
    riveting and life impacting for me. This experience showed me that we are connected as daughters, sisters, nurturers,vicims,heroes,martyrs ,mothers, QUEENS .Our wombs and hearts are “fearfully and wonderfully made”, We are Pillars sculpted in Palace style as the scriptures say.
    Rachael wept for her sons,we now weep for our daughters.
    We need each other for each other.We must CRY LOUD AND SPARE NOT!
    As Sojourner Truth,a Women’s Rights Activist of the early 1900’s so provocatively put it,,”if the first man God ever made was strong enough to take this whole world and turn it upside down all by himself, then,”dees womens” together ought to be able to take it, and fix it, and turn it right side up again, an da men better let em!

    We all,men and women must work together.

    On the tomb of the Four little girls who were bombed in the 16th Street Baptist Church in Atlanta in 1963, there is a quote that reads :
    “May men learn to replace bitterness and violence with love and understanding”


  3. I hear you Kim. As a man I stand with my sisters, united. Love and light always to you and your sisters.

    We can indeed do this!

    Sam xxx

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