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Iconic, all female music group Sister Sledge, famed for their award-winning, worldwide hits such as We Are Family, World Rise, Shine and Lost In Music, have come out in support of the UN Woman’s new campaign UNiTE to End Violence against Women.

Over 450 events have been planned over 16 days, across more than 70 countries. The activities include the lighting of major monuments and activities involving civil society such as dialogue sessions with faith-based leaders, film screenings, theatre and dance performances, rallies, marathons and activism via social media.

Eternally committed to equal rights and movements encouraging girl and women empowerment, Sister Sledge have released a series of images on social media and their blog, bearing the colour orange, the symbol of the campaign. It aims to highlight the goal for a bright and optimistic future that is free from violence against women.

Understanding the rigours of today’s world, the group recognise the need for a powerful message to conceptualise the important global values of peace, love and empowerment.

Talking about the UN campaign, which shares a striking similarity to the group’s own ideology of love, togetherness and empowerment, Debbie, Kim and Joni Sledge jointly said, “A study done by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs has shown that one in three women suffer from physical or sexual violence at some point in their lives.  We welcome the UN campaign ‘Orange the World’, which has been launched on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. It spells hope for millions of women who have been abused at some point in their life. As sisters, and above all women, we can feel the pain of another woman and absolutely detest any form of violence against them. This continues to be a huge human rights issue as well.”

The sisters each shared a picture of themselves on twitter which included a splash of orange. They jointly shared a picture of dolls clothed in the symbolic orange cloth. Tweeting about their support, they said, “We are ALL family. United let’s end #violenceagainstwomen As sisters we support @SayNo_UNiTE# Orangetheworld#16days”.

Joni Sledge also made a stand against ending violence against women by posting the following message on social media:

The only vessel from which all human life can be delivered

Force with Intent to Harm

To commit an act of violence on a woman is an atrocious assault on the heart essence of our own humanity

Sister Sledge recently launched a new brand Nothing Is Greater Than Love which embodies just how vital the need for love is in our broken world. From the atrocities people experience in war torn countries to the suffering felt by those closer to home in the form of poverty, disease and abuse, there is one healing force that can conquer all – Love – and with that comes empathy, compassion and trust, the building blocks of any relationship.

The purpose of the Nothing Is Greater Than Love brand will be translated across multiple mediums to engage various consumer touch-points to create maximum impact. The ultimate aim is to create awareness of this powerful message to instigate positive change in society through awakened empathy. A percentage of proceeds will be donated to a consortium of international nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), charities and community partners chosen by Sister Sledge that reflect the Nothing Is Greater Than Love message.

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