Sister Sledge Launches “Nothing Is Greater Than Love”

The “Nothing Is Greater Than Love” Message to Springboard the Group’s foray into the Merchandise Sector, Digital Innovations & Charity Partnerships

In today’s tumultuous world, filled with the rigours of life’s ups and downs, the need for a powerful message to conceptualise the important global values of peace, love and empowerment has never resonated as strongly as it does now. To address this intrinsic need, Sister Sledge, the iconic familial music group, has announced plans to launch its new brand: Nothing Is Greater Than Love (NGTL).

The powerful concept of Nothing Is Greater Than Love, which will be imbibed into an array of exciting new projects, embodies just how vital the need for love is in our broken world. From the atrocities people experience in war torn countries to the suffering felt by those closer to home in the form of poverty, disease and abuse, there is one healing force that can conquer all – Love – and with that comes empathy, compassion and trust, the building blocks of any relationship.

Sister Sledge, famed for its award-winning, worldwide hits such as We Are Family, World Rise, Shine and Lost In Music, personify the concept of Nothing Is Greater Than Love in the band members’ daily lives, from their deeply spiritual outlook, to the practical philanthropic initiatives they undertake with charity partners such as ActionAid, to the underlying symbolism reflected in their music.

The purpose of the Nothing Is Greater Than Love brand will be translated across multiple mediums to engage various consumer touch-points to create maximum impact. The ultimate aim is to create awareness of this powerful message to instigate positive change in society through awakened empathy. A percentage of proceeds will be donated to a consortium of international nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), charities and community partners chosen by Sister Sledge that reflect the Nothing Is Greater Than Love message.

Visual brand identities in the form of logos and other collateral also will be developed, along with a special online campaign video and signature music tune to promote the messaging and help it to resonate with a global audience.

Some of the Nothing Is Greater Than Love products and innovations being launched include:

  • NGTL merchandise, which will include a pret-fashion line, jewellery, stationary, corporate gifting and promotional goods. A premium fashion and jewellery line will also be launched in due course. The merchandise will immediately retail online with plans to roll out in retail stores in quarter two of 2016.
  • Sister Sledge is currently in studio recording new music due to launch early next year. The NGTL theme will be reflected in the eagerly awaited new track: ‘Woman Are the Music of the World (WAMOW)’ to promote empowerment, reduced inequalities and the United Nations Global Goal number 5: Gender Equality.
  • To engage and empower fans, an NGTL blog has been launched. Sister Sledge will invite fans to share their own stories of the challenges they have faced in relationships, including their powerful, and sometimes, disparate harmonies, to general anecdotal experiences where fans can demonstrate that nothing has been greater than love for them. This will serve as a source of inspiration for others.
  • Through the NGTL lens, Sister Sledge will shine a spotlight on various international NGOs, charities and community organizations it supports, to communicate the tireless work they do in achieving world harmony.
  • The siblings will soon launch their own charity initiative, The Florez Sledge Foundation, which will further translate the essence of their brand purpose into reality with a series of on ground initiatives. Proceeds would be raised for a consortium of organisations.

Speaking about the launch of the brand Nothing Is Greater Than Love, Joni Sledge of Sister Sledge said: “We are passionate about the concept of Nothing Is Greater Than Love, and we are thrilled to be bringing an intrinsic part of our life to our fans.

The message has resonated deeply with us on a number of occasions and throughout our lives. Even our own familial relationships have tested us, and each time we have endured this pain, it has reminded us that, actually, there is nothing greater than Love.

The concept remains our strength, and we wish to impart this strength to others who have experienced similar conflict, especially through trials with their loved ones like we have. From our work with international charities, we have seen this strength and love on a global scale from conflict zones to our very own neighbourhoods where oppression has culminated in stressed environments causing physical and mental abuse.

We hope that through our work and music, we will be successful in touching and empowering the lives of countless others.”  

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