Grandma's Family Appl Pie - Kim Sledge
The best Apple pie is an Apple Pie made with love. When I was a little girl during the holidays, I used to watch my Grandma make pies. There was just something special about her hands.  When I got a little older and attempted to follow suit, I would take the same ingredients, and follow the same directions, but they just didn’t come out the same.  Later I realized it was her love that made the “Pie Perfect”.  She was never anxious about it. She would hum her little songs, and she would move slowly through the kitchen and those PIES would always turn out SPECTACULAR!

I realized , many years after my Grandma, was gone on home to Heaven, that it was the love in her hands, and the love of her heart towards everybody that made those pies delectable, and just plain old, as we call it “DELISH”!  She loved us by making them, and we loved her right back when we gobbled them up.  Mmmmm, They were Sooo good!

Well, everybody  can do it, cuz everybody’s got love to give, and love to get so…. let’s get started.

Gather all ingredients.

6 large Gala apples
One stick of butter
1 and a half of a cup of sugar,*( use raw or coconut sugar instead of white if you prefer.)
2 tablespoon of flour
2 teaspoons of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of nutmeg
1 teaspoon of ginger
The juice of a large lemon
2 pastry shells
1 teaspoon of vanilla  flavoring

Now that you have everything in front of you, time to make the pie!

1.  Take the pastry shell and put it in the bottom of the pie dish.

2. Take 1 teaspoon of cinnamon,1 tablespoon of flour, 1half teaspoon of ginger, a half teaspoon of nutmeg, a half of a cup of sugar, and mix them all together in a mixing bowl.

3.  Spread this mixture in the pie shell.

4. Take a half of a stick of butter and cut it in small pieces, and put on top of this  mixture.(this important step causes the spices to seep up into the apples, and also a syrup is formed that coats the apples.

5.  Slice your apples,(we leave the peelings on the apples, because of the vitamins under the peelings), however, you can peel them if you prefer.

6.  Arrange the apples inside the pie shell on top of this flour /sugar/ spice mixture and take the remaining separate  spices, sugar and flour and pour them all through the apples.

7.  Take  the rest of the butter, cut it in little pieces and place it throughout the apples.

8.  Squeeze the lemon juice over the apples.

9.Pour the vanilla flavoring over the apples.

Now its time to seal the Pie.

10. Take the second pastry shell and place it on top of the apples, and pinch the two pastry shell together around the edges of the whole pie so that both pastry shells are sealed together.You can use a little bit of water if they’re not sticking together, on your fingers as you do this step.

11. Take a fork and punch holes through the top pastry shell so steam can escape.( About 6 fork punctures randomly placed).

12. Say a little prayer, and Bake in the oven on 350 degrees, on whatever might be the equivalent of 350 degrees in your oven, for 1 hour.

13. When the pie shell is golden brown and the house smells like Thanksgiving and Christmas, the pie is ready!

14. Set in a safe place to cool.

I would advise you to take that pie and quickly hide it somewhere, because if your family is anything like mine, and if you’re  planning to serve it after dinner, it might do a disappearing act on you, and you’ll  never recover it. This  is experience talking.  It’s a dangerous  and much coveted treasure in our household. SO HIDE IT, for now, but truly enjoy it later.😁

 So that’s Grandma’s pie, and one of our “Family Traditions!”

Grandma's Family Recipe Apple Pie from Sister Sledge
Enjoy, and next time I’ll share  Grandma’s  Sweet Potato Pies  from Heaven! Truly Divine!
Hmmm…. and  maybe  her coconut cake,  banana cake, brownies, and chocolate fudge cake, and HOME MADE ICE CREAM?…. and all made with “Grandma’s special secret .!

There’s nothing greater than love!💖
Happy Thanksgiving everybody💕
Now, where did I hide that pie…..


  1. Wow, Kim,
    Pretty good rendition of Grandma’s pie.
    I wish I could be there, unfortunately, I’ll be on the road having TOFURKY!😢

  2. Thanks for posting the recipe for your Grandma apple pie we will try it
    this christmas and Thank you for our brief fellowship via phone
    Sister Kim you have been a blessing to me and my spiritual growth.
    God Bless you and your Family if me or our company is needed for anything at all we are just a email away

    much love

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