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The Victory Dance!

There are times in life where the love of a sister or a friend really lifts you out of the “hole” you’re in.

The story I share here is one that will always remind me that Nothing is Greater than Love.

Love may be sweet and gentle or raw and tough, maybe even hilarious, but it all has the same root, and it always overcomes!

Nice to be able to share this with you all…

Joni Sledge

Our prayers to the families and loved ones of the people of Paris


We are angered and saddened to hear of the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad… horrified… not terrified. This is not an isolated act .  It is a worldwide tragedy and each of us must take a stand against this madness fueled by hatred. When any of our neighbors are attacked, it is an attack on us all!  We must demand action from ourselves and our world leaders to take aggressive measures to stop terrorism.  We are expressing our deepest compassion, support and prayers to the families and loved ones of the people of Paris, Beirut and Baghdad. Whether on home turf or in Syria, Israel or the Ukraine, our prayers go out to all countries that are effected by the evil of terrorism.

God is with you and you will arise victorious!

To Quote Pope Francis “This isn’t human”


Kids hanging out at a football match with their families
Lovers gazing into each others eyes
Friends dancing,singing,laughing together
and ….. This isn’t human
We, along with all other humans are in shock!
Our hearts bleed in unison.
Our prayers plead in unison

There are no words or feelings within human capacity
to comprehend such terrorist atrocities.
Paris, Beirut,Madrid, New York
These heinous acts are meant to terrify, and they do.
However, we have no choice, but to Stand, in Unison
Nation to Nation, Church to Church, Human to Human
We must stand for the obliteration of terrorism.
We must stand for the restoration of our capacity, as humans, to love each other

“Fear doesn’t shut you down, it wakes you up”
(Action Aid)
“Perfect love casts out all fear”
(The Holy Bible)


A cry for unity in prayer from all nations and for all peoples

I am deeply grieved.  My heart desires a global cry against terrorist attacks, and a cry for unity in prayer from all nations and for all peoples. I am praying  for those who are suffering .

I view prayer as an outreach of love to all people. Prayer and love embrace. They don’t divide. All people deserve demonstrative love and prayer. At this moment, I pray for great peace that passes all understanding and new hope that unified prayer with a heart of love can indeed bring, especially during this time of suffering .


Debbie attends the Collars & Coats Ball

Image by Nick Harvey Dress by Rachel Elbaz Couture
Image by Nick Harvey
Dress by Rachel Elbaz Couture

Last night I spent the evening at the annual Collars & Coats Ball held in support of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London. At this prestigious event we learned about the despicable puppy farms that operate in the UK and Ireland and the backstreet breeders who breed puppy’s for profit. The charity is doing everything it can to stop such abhorrent practices and every day, 13 unwanted dogs and 9 cats come through Battersea’s doors. The organisation rescues and finds homes for over 8000 unwanted dogs and cats every year. A remarkable achievement! Continue reading Debbie attends the Collars & Coats Ball

Sister Sledge Support Fearless Women with ActionAidUK


Earlier this fall I attended the #Fearless event held by the charity ActionAid UK in London. My sisters Debbie and Kim weren’t in the country with me but it’s been my privilege to report back to them since. I met some extraordinary women who had faced all the odds to overcome experiences of violence and sexual violence in deeply patriarchal cultures. Continue reading Sister Sledge Support Fearless Women with ActionAidUK